Dashboard — Simple and single view to see your entire project. See Messages, To-Dos and upcoming Milestones in a single screen.
Messages — View, reply, comment and delete messages so you can keep in touch with your team.
To-Dos — View, create, add comments and assign To-Dos with ease. For a quick summary, Nomad lists your upcoming To-Dos in the Dashboard view.
Milestones — View, create and delete upcoming Milestones. They can be displayed in a easy to view calendar or traditional list.
Nomad requires a Basecamp account. You can signup here.
Multiple Project Access — Whether you have one project, two projects, three projects or more, Nomad provides multiple project access.
Multiple Account Support — Have more than one Basecamp account? Nomad allows easy access to multiple accounts.
File Access — View files and images associated with your project.